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For Her


(Inpired by the Codex Seraphinianus) 

“I’m dreaming for a while… I cannot remember from when on. My dreams are getting so realistic but still I cannot open my eyes. Sometimes I feel that other creatures are trying to get into contact with me. But I cannot tell if it is true or part of my endless dreams and visions. There are pictures in my head of far memories mingling with present voices. There are familiar voices I hear again and again...


Slaves of time


Imagine a world where you have the freedom of choice...





Time of your life


 Are we really born completely free? How many boundaries do we have at all? Is that just an illusion related to concepts we meet?...

 Short version:


Ambassadors of life


 In rainy weather there is a refreshing atmosphere around. But see what vivifies water: smell of plants and trees. It’s refreshing when our senses remind us being part of the living. What could be more essencial then a plant that grows food for us and water that hydrates us. Smell the ambassadors of life and celebrate existence!


bodhisattva - helping and loving around


learning spiritually gives strength to be patient with those who have a lot more to learn. it developes empathy and love to those who you are not able to understand. empathy is the bridge between understanding and acceptance as they are. begin with tolerance and let it turn into unconditional love to others.

good people help to others not because those deserve or they will be grateful for, but because they know that is the only way (...)


Flower power


Some years ago I even had trouble with taking care of a single cactus.

Now, in this incredible hot weather, my first thought right after saving myself from the sun is bringing my plants from the balcony into the shady flat. My plants classically domesticated me as the rose...


open up - what to live for?


why do i meet people? why do i love them?

love, i mean real deep and passionate love to another person. in my whole conscious life, if i think back, i had been always in love with people, whether friends, lovers or platonic love. the elder i was, it was just easier to (...)




computer do not relate to data. we do. that’s the key difference between digital stuff and poor limited silly human beings. if you are in a context, and you are always in a context, you will definately have a relation to everything. no matter if never seen or experienced before, you still have a probably very indirect relation to that newly experienced thing. you may not know how to name it or how to evaluate but still you can handle.(...)


Favourite play