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bodhisattva - helping and loving around


learning spiritually gives strength to be patient with those who have a lot more to learn. it developes empathy and love to those who you are not able to understand. empathy is the bridge between understanding and acceptance as they are. begin with tolerance and let it turn into unconditional love to others.

good people help to others not because those deserve or they will be grateful for, but because they know that is the only way between people to give and get help and trust. once you understand it, you will help everyone you are able to. do not consider those selfish voices in you that those who ask for help, they may not live like you would expect. help and judgement are two different things. however you do not have to support souls in things which you  do not agree with, but still you can figure out to help them the right way. 

once you get wiser you'll learn that help doesn't necessarily mean to give what they request for. but give them what they need. not every single soul knows what does it need but when you know, sometimes you have to override their request. if you are able to consider the future consequences of your ways of help, choose carefully the best for those who are in need.

a helper even can let go their ego, and do the right thing instead of seeming a good person. less conscious souls won't necessarily understand wise decisions. they may never understand in their life, but that doesn't mean that the wiser couln't give up their reputation in their eyes in exchange for making the right decision. be useful for the world, be the tool of service.

sometimes sense of mission gives you ambition without direction so you need to find a compass in you. nobody can tell you what to do or how to do, but you can listen to those who can inspire your mind to find your own path. at least anyone is your compass by their decisions and mistakes, even past yourself. your proximate teacher is your experiences and its conclusions. 

to see your mistakes clearly, think of those people who annoy you the most and who you think to make the worst decisions or who you feel to hurt you the most. why are they so painful for you? because they probably uncover something in you which you don't want to face. noone can harm you except your reactions to their actions. noone can cheat you except your own expectations. 

love beyond knowledge. once I heard  that the more you get familiar with a being, the more you learn to love it. I truly experienced when I started to learn something carefully and openminded, I gradually decreased resistence till it turned into love. I honestly never hated plants, but couldn't get why people take care of them like pets at home. once I got my first plants succeeded to keep alive, once I took care of them, once I helped them to get rid of parasites by my own hands, once I seen them blossoming and growing fruits I started to admire how modest they are. they need only drops of water, a little bit of sunshine and they feed you as you were their child.

explore, experience what you are able to. you cannot learn by reading about anything as much as you learn from a being when you get into contact with. experience them by eyewitnessing how do they change, and how do they relate to others. once you learn values to respect, the more you will love those represent them. the more you love a being you will get a fraction of perfection of the world, so you get happy. that is how the universe celebrates another piece of reunion.