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Flower power


Have you ever been wondering how to love a plant?

I have. Some years ago I even had trouble with taking care of a single cactus.

Now, in this incredible hot weather, my first thought right after saving myself from the sun is bringing my plants from the balcony into the shady flat. My plants classically domesticated me as the rose did in the Little Prince.


But not only love to my plants which I learnt trough the years I spent keeping them well, picking one by one the plant louses (a kind of wrong-doer bug) off them. Not to be sentimental, I do eat my plants and their fruits. Because I only have edible plants like basil, chives (kind of onion), lemontree, tomato, pepper and the healing aloe vera. The more important lesson they tought is Respect.

Respect other creatures, not only those who can complain if you don’t! But recpect all of the creatures just because they exist.

So, let’s go and buy a plant at the supermarket, city people! Oregano, basil or whatever gastro plant they sell, and try to keep it alive. They are „made” for having fresh spices for 2 or 3 weeks. However I do have those kind of gastro plants for 2 or 3 years, still well.

Yes-yes the question is still open: why would you love a plant?

Once you will have eaten of the plant you have been taking care of for weeks… Once you ever think over how few do they need to be alive and feed us, only a bit of sunshine and a sip of water… Once you will have been worried for the health of a simple green silent twelve-leaf creature, you’ll see!

Enjoy your plants!