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For Her


(Inpired by the Codex Seraphinianus)

“I’m dreaming for a while… I cannot remember from when on. My dreams are getting so realistic but still I cannot open my eyes. Sometimes I feel that other creatures are trying to get into contact with me. But I cannot tell if it is true or part of my endless dreams and visions. There are pictures in my head of far memories mingling with present voices. There are familiar voices I hear again and again.

Meanwhile I’m all alone. Uprooted from the past, waiting for the future. I know that big things are approaching and I’m also afraid of them. What will be that big change? How will it make me feel? I’m safe now, I’m sure, and I don’t have to do anything for being alive. Just pure wondering about life, about the surrounding universe: Is there anything outside? Is there any powerful creature protecting me during my life? May I contact it? So many signs around me… I feel that I’m observed with care. When there is a frightening incident outside, I feel a defending touch upon myself. Is that my Creator?

I try to give signs. She touches me. We are one now as she took me into. Every day when I feel her start moving I give a message: I push myself up with all my strength to make her touch me and stroke me. Then I listen to the calm voices, they are clearly talking to me. I cannot answer… Be patient, it’s just a dream and I’ll wake up! Let me wake up, please, let me reach you. Will you help me? Can I trust you? I have to give up all my granted conditions just to meet you out there…

Coming to you.”

“Not now, not yet, wait for your time left. She will be there for you. She wanted you to be right here right now and I let her getting you.”

“I’m here for you and I’m listening to you. You’re my state of mind. We are bonded together so tight that I think you can feel even my own feelings. At least I hope I can serve you well to be yourself, connected to all beings around you in this world. However you know it better than me, you know yet. Never forget what you know now, the outside things are just secondary. You know everything already you need. Let me learn from you while I just show you how to deal with this material life you got into.”