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computer do not relate to data. we do. that’s the key difference between digital stuff and poor limited silly human beings. if you are in a context, and you are always in a context, you will definately have a relation to everything. no matter if never seen or experienced before, you still have a probably very indirect relation to that newly experienced thing. you may not know how to name it or how to evaluate but still you can handle.
computers and softwares only can handle things already known, moreover classified into types. without classification it is even impossible to do something with bits of any simple information, because everything is coded. in real life things are not yet coded, they just  have a physical or virtual existence. we code them somehow, without and before knowing how to handle, so we try to describe them by visual or lingual terms, associations or whatever. but we are the creatures who code them, they haven’t been in codes before. so we made understandable code, called language with infinite combinations and just clouds of meanings but no exact expression of something.
we are the code ourselves. you, personally you are that separate individual who expresses that thing in that particular way and you are not anyone else, because you have chosen your way of coding. others may seem understand you, but actually they are not. they, when they listen to you, your voice, having a big-big infinite context in their mind and even an exact situation, intonation, pronunciation, mood, state of mind, and they do their own code of this complete contextual message. the message is you. are you right? doesn’t matter if you do not seem reliable. you re a genius? doesn’t matter if you can’t get even the others attention to your topic.
so let’s think about if you are an accessible code or not. if you are „open source” what makes you differ from others? if you are closed who will even be interested in you. communication is at least two-step translation: to your code and to your audience’s code. computers can understand only their own type of code, and they translate everything to theirs. but they cannot translate then back to human language, unless we do it. we try to teach them to translate to human language, without giving them our way of coding: C-O-N-T-E-X-T. still not AI? use context.